Copyright © 2008 Heath Parks  All rights reserved.
My name is Heath Parks and I have a passion for
media.  I had always wanted to be an actor but life
got in the way.  So after a 20 year detour of being
in the Army, getting married and raising two kids, I
started acting again with the encouragement from
my wife.

Then in November of 2006 I bought my first video
camera and discovered
vlogging.  The rest, as
they say, is history.  I am an active member of the
vlogging community and even
won an award from
Ninja himself at the 2007 Winnies.

Currently I work a job that has nothing to do with
my passion but most evenings and weekends you
can see me somewhere in Cincinnati Ohio, with
my camera in hand capturing a moment.

Through vlogging I have discovered just how
small this world really is and how each of us has a
story to tell.  

This is my story.