About Me


Who am I? That’s an interesting question and o be honest most days I am not even sure myself.   What I do know is that I am a father, husband, a former soldier, a friend and most recently a grandfather.

The rest of the story, I like to act, make movies ,write and take photo’s. I am always creating, it’s what I was born to do. I have made a few short films, one for a chance to be on TV and the others to just have some fun. I also made a film for the ywca here in Cincinnati that premiered at the Freedom Center. It was a project that I was proud to help out on. Currently I have created my own production compnay, hep productions, and if you want to hire me for a project, that would be awesome. Oh, and I also work with my buddy on a number of ventures as well. I like to stay busy what can I say? 😉

You may also see me traveling the country with my wife, accepting awards from ninja’s and hanging out with some really cool people. Life is too short, so enjoy it now.