Adam West The Music Video!!!

One on hand this post is self explanatory, it is a music video set to the song “Adam West” by Wally Wingert……on the other hand… boy is this a story… if you don’t want the long story, just hit the image and watch the video other wise, sit back and let me tell you a tale of hero’s and villains and my big mouth!!!

Ok, A bit ago I found this 66 Batman message board and while I was there I “met” Wally. Wally is an actor, singer, dancer, good looking and an all around great guy. Perhaps you have heard his voice on Family Guy. You know the “cartoon” that also stars Adam West! Anywho, I find out Wally has recorded this song called “Adam West, I listened to it and go “WOW this is great, I wonder if he would let me do a music video to his song!!” I think how hard could it be to make a music video…..(now you have to understand, by this time I had only had my camera for about 2/12 months and my software for only about 2 months, I use Sony Vegas, the lite version)……(Oh, and I had never edited anything in my life, I’m still learning how to film/edit 7 months later)…..This would be the part about my BIG MOUTH……..

Well I email Wally and he says “That would be great!! I would love to have a video made of my song!! “I then think “How freakin cool is that!!” Followed by the next day going….”What was I thinking!!!……I can’t make a music video, for one thing I live in Cincinnati (the hotbed of the video revolution) and Wally lives in Cali…….and how am I going to get Adam West to “star” in the video…and so on….I NEVER think small……it’s a blessing and a curse let me tell you……

Anywho…..after months of putting it off because I didn’t know “how” to do the video and the original vision was VERY grand…….I decided I just had to do the best I could do…..I couldn’t go back to Wally and go “Ummm Wally…….listen….I’m and idiot…..” That wasn’t going to happen because well….I told him I would make the video and I have this serious character flaw….when I give someone my word I feel obligated to follow through with it…… I said a serious character flaw…….gotta work on that….. 😉

Anyway……..after about 30 hours this week of working on this video, importing clips, looking for scenes, images, etc….I have finished…..Overall I am pretty happy with it. The quality of some of the footage wasn’t that great but hey not to many quality vids out there of the show or of Adam……I hope you all like it……it is truly a labor of love…….

Special thanks to Wally, Scott, Rob, Ty, JP, GP, the entire 66 message board, and some others I sure I am forgetting…….btw if you want to know what Wally looks like in the flesh, so to speak…he is the one standing between the 2 Batman in the video….

“Adam West” by Wally Wingert used by permission

Ps I hope Adam likes it as well, as it is kinda a tribute…..well not just kinda……

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on “Adam West The Music Video!!!
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  1. Wow…just wow! I loved it man, it had a great flow, fun images and a great song. By far the best work youve ever done!

    Keep it up man!

  2. Great stuff. For a “first” editing job that was awesome. You had all the right things in there too. – JP

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