When I grow up pt 2

First off I want to thank everyone who watched and commented on my “When I grow up” post.  I hope everyone does understand that I was just capturing a “moment” in time for me.  I won’t go into details but early that morning I had saw a mother being less than nice to her very young child.  Not abusive, but just not nice and it brought back some of those feelings and I decieded to capture that for Vlomo.  At one time I did feel that way but by and large not anymore.  As you get older it gets harder to hold on to the pain really…the effort it takes to stay miserable, I don’t know how people do it…lol

Anyway I had always planned on doing a “yin/yang” type of post with this anyway, so after playing with J last night I knew I had to tell the other part to this story…hey it’s my life, what can I say

vlomo10 day 4



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