The most exciting video I have ever done!!!

Ok, maybe I am streching the truth there a bit……OK, maybe a lot…I made this a bit ago after some conversations about what makes a good vlog, what is exciting about vlogging etc…..Look it’s not “sexy” and doesn’t have any plot….it’s just a glimpse of me and my wife being ourselves and having fun…….I have to say I didn’t really play up for the camera this is really how I act at home when no one is looki…..actually I act like this even if someone is looking….anyway please enjoy this really boring video of me and the wife…..Oh and by the way if you like the look of the dish you can check it out here, trust me it is awsome!!

I will post some Wizard World footage a bit later, I’m beat…but if you would like to find out about “the hardest workin kid in comics” then check this out!

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on “The most exciting video I have ever done!!!
4 Comments on “The most exciting video I have ever done!!!
  1. Looks good. Awesome dancing too, I regret putting up the video of me dancing.

    I posted it… sat for a minute… and thought “I immediately regret this post.”

    Good ICFTB work too Heath.

  2. See this is what Videoblogging is all about! Well done.

    Sure we’re gonna get more and more ‘shows’ (and I enjoy alot of them), but good ol’ personal vlogging is great stuff.

    – Dave

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