Happy Birthday to Me!!

It’s my birthday, or it was just a bit ago, come celebrate like only The Batman Geek can!

The music is “Lefty’s Alone” by Drop Trio used by permission from www.magnatunes.com

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on “Happy Birthday to Me!!
9 Comments on “Happy Birthday to Me!!
  1. 1. I agree with Susan, the music is sort of erotic.
    2. Great camera angles and techiques.
    3. I get so bored in an empty house too.
    4. Really cool video dude.
    5. The way I get multiples of myself really easily is by using crop. Check out next weeks pjk2.0 for how to do.
    6. oh happy birthday.

  2. wow that was some good editing. The fridge-cam for example … things maybe only an editor notices, but it adds alot to the video.

    Well done, and happy Birthday!!

    – Dave

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