My Vloggie entry

Have you heard about the “Vloggies” You haven’t? Well you must check out the wiki. You must. I am “reloading” my “The Perfect Gift” vid, you may have seen my “new”one on the Romeo Theater. My good and dear friend Susan gave John my name and asked me if I would be interested in sending in my “skit” to his site but with some “podsafe” music attached. I said sure, so I thought “Hey why not submit this paticlular vlog for the vloggies”. I then said “That would be a great idea, you big ole lug you”….Really that is what I said….kinda scary huh? Anywho here it is, it’s kinda a repeat but not really since I have new music. Ok, it is a repeat so sue me… 😉

The music is Wreck of the Zephyr by Drop Trio used by permission by

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  1. Heath, Heath, Heath… (shaking head).
    Nice one… ungreatful…
    Anyhow, I noticed in your credits Magnatune… neat source for music. I’ve sent them an email to get a special pass. Thanks.

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