Our Christmas 2011

Well it’s time again for a Christmas home video.  You would not know it looking at the video but there were actually more people than just J that got presents and was at our house.  Once our son, Jimmy and his girlfriend showed up, it became mass chaos (not in a bad way, just a lot going on).  And the next thing I knew everything was opened and that was it… lol.

We had a great time and a wonderful Christmas.  I hope yours was great as well.

J made out like a bandit and he loved everything he got, even the clothes.



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on “Our Christmas 2011
One Comment on “Our Christmas 2011
  1. awwwweees, looks so cute! I am glad to hear and see Christmas went well…now the question is…did he get all those batman stuff on the chair for him…or is that for you? *grins* Big hugs!

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