Happy Thanksgiving from The Batman Geek!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…..if you have ever wondered (like you have not wondered!) what the Batman Geek does on Thanksgiving, well, here you go! OK, it sounds a lot more exciting than it actually is, but it’s fun. Every year we go over to my wife’s aunt Sally’s and enjoy the holiday and I thought I would share a sneak peek. It’s not glamorous but it’s a fun day with family and friends and every once and a while don’t we all need that? I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and it was not “to” stressful 😉 Can you believe Thanksgiving is here and gone….soon Christmas and then….geez where does the time go? Take care everyone and God bless…..

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on “Happy Thanksgiving from The Batman Geek!
3 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving from The Batman Geek!
  1. You mean nobody came out of the closet? No one threw a pan of rolls at grandma? No dogs ran thru the kitchen and grabbed the turkey? No pumpkin pie in the face?

    So boring!

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