Ok, for the 50 or so people who saw “It’s late” you know that I was working on a short film called “Facade” for the new reality show from Mark Burnett and Steven Speilberg called “On The Lot”.

Now I know some of you will be going “WTF, Heath you don’t need Hollywood to tell stories, you can and have been telling your stories how you want to tell them. You don’t need Hollywood….” etc, etc. And yes you would be right, I don’t “need” Hollywood, but…..look, my childhood was very messed up. Now I know some people say that their childhood was messed up and it really wasn’t, but trust me, mine was really messed up…… I had to overcome alcoholic and abusive parents…..someday I will be comfortable telling the story, someday.

Movies and comics were my escape, a chance to “be” someone else….it was my dream to go to Hollywood and be an actor….well life happens you know? So anyway this opprotunity came up, so I am going for it. What do I have to lose? I made a film? I was going to make a short film anyway, and a whole lot more. I have a chance to use the system to make a story I want to make and maybe get a million dollars out of it. I say why not…..So I made the film and I entered it in.

So I am asking you if you like it, go to the On The Lot site where my film is located here http://films.thelot.com/films/13979 and view it, send the link along and tell your friends. If you don’t like it, then that’s cool…

Regarless with what happens I am going to continue to tell stories that I want to tell, whether 1 person or 1,00000000000 people check out my stuff. Why because telling stories is all I have ever wanted to do….how do you tell a dream no? This is who I am, for better for worse….this is who I am…..

Well here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

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MP4 file

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on “Facade
4 Comments on “Facade
  1. Good shots and video overall. As soon as I saw the speed dating sign it reminded me of when Nathan Miller was telling me about his horrible speed dating experience in Japan.

    Just had 1 question about the video, it looks like its in a school classroom (maybe I am wrong) so how did you get beer in there?

    School has been kicking my ass lately so I haven’t been able to stop by everyones vlogs as much as I’d like, or even put out video but maybe once a month.

  2. No it was a hotel conferance room, it was all I could get on the short notice I had….that’s my main regret, not being able to put it in an actual bar…..

  3. Dark 🙂
    “What’s your favorite film?” “Aliens” I love it.
    I miss making shorts – it just takes some organising and energy, doesn’t it? I like your style. Simple short & clever is good. They can always be shorter and quicker cut than you think at first. Good luck with it… but you have your own growing distribution channel right here where you can hone your skills at leisure, and you don’t have to make what other people tell you to make. Getting paid to direct is a double edged sword, I found. Getting paid to direct in Hollywood would be doubly double edged, I reckon, where careers are less about telling stories and more about onwards, upwards, bigger budget projects, appearance and ego. and suddenly, poof, it can all go away. David Lynch has some interesting stuff to say about all this in the interviews he’s doing at the moment to promote Inland Empire. He’s gone back to video, and keeping it small, and he loves it.

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