The Bat Room Pt.1

This was just a week after we moved in and it was time to start on the “Bat Room”….enter if you dare!

The music is One O’Clock Jump by the Count Basie Orchestra (I have very eclectic tastes in music….)

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on “The Bat Room Pt.1
5 Comments on “The Bat Room Pt.1
  1. Ok. “almost naked” is one thing. Sitting on the toilet is COMPLETELY another!!


    I hate moving and unpacking. I’ll be doing the same soon enough though. No toilet video from me though 😉

  2. In the name of Ra’s Al Ghul what have you done? Or not done? Man you have got stuff!

    I’m betting you even have some Bat Mite in that collection. Even money there is Bat Women, Bat Girl and a ManBat or two that haven’t seen day light in years.

    Dude, you gotta video the collection for posterity. Seriously at least the action figures.

    Envy ain’t the word for it,


  3. Yeah, the whole unpacking has never been my favorite thing to do either. But it does feel good once you get it all done.

  4. yep, I have 2 Bat-Mites as a matter of fact. Various Bat-girls and Man-Bats and a whole slew of figures…’s a sickness really

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