We Belong to Each Other

This is a very special video for me. This video, was my very first client video. Now, that may cause a bit of confusion so I will explain. (Some of this may be old news as I did twitter and such about all this as it was happening but a refresher never hurts, right?) Back in Aug of 2007 I did some videos for my work, 5/3 Bank. We were doing an employee engagement event and I offered my services to film and edit the event, which was Karaoke Idol. Well, I didn’t film the event, instead I filmed a series of “commercials” that we created to go with the event. Now I did, sorta get paid, I was working on the clock instead of doing my ‘real’ job at the bank but it wasn’t a client you know?….

Well anyway based on those commercials one of the persons at the bank, Angie, asked me if I would be interested in creating a video for the YWCA, to help fill out my demo reel, ok, actually I haven’t started my demo reel yet, but I am sure you get the point. So I said yea, well I then met with Kristin Shrimplin at the Y, she was/is the person heading up the Family Violence Prevention Project. In a nutshell they feel that there is an intersection between family violence and community violence. Meeting with Kristin the first time was pretty nerve racking, I mean after hearing about the project, I really wanted to be involved because I know all too well about family violence from my childhood, but I mean, could I pull it off? This was my first time talking with a prospective client, talking with them, finding out what they wanted, what they needed to get out of the video, etc. All I kept thinking was ‘can I do this, can I sell myself and my service?” A guy who just at that point had not been doing video for 2 years yet and was self taught?

Well, the meeting went great (by the video being here I guess you all knew that, 😉 ) what was so refreshing for me was that I was able to be myself, I was totaly upfront with my skills and what I thought I could do. Well she loved my ideas and my direction and I think she liked me as a person, she “got” me and what I was tying to do. That was just so cool……

Well, I got to filming and editing and this video is the final result. It was not always easy, interviewing people whose loved ones have been murdered…..asking them to relive those moments….trying to interweave 3 stories into one overall large story, makeing sure I was respectful to the family members, trying to make sure I was creating the video that the Y wanted…….it was hard, but in that I discovered something……..I discovered this is what I was meant to do, I can do this, I know I can. I am proud of this video, I am proud of the people who agreed to be in the video and shared their stories of tragedy and hope. I thank them all.

I also would like to thank Kristin, for allowing me this opportunity and believing in me and not only that but now activly looking at ways I can get paid to do what I love. Because of those videos I did for work I have been given opportunities to actually start making money, which is cool. (I also did another video for work, which I was paid for, I talked about that the other day, I actually got that gig after agreeing to the Y video, it was just due sooner)

This video made it’s premire at the Freedm Center in Cincinnati on tuesday Jan 29th at a community forum for the Family Violence Prevention Project. It was the first thing shown, the video was made to “set the mood” for the event. So as you can see, I felt no presure at all…… I was scared crappless, when the lights dimed, my heart was pounding and I just wanted to flee! 😉 Well the video went over very well, it was mentioned several times during the night at various points, so who knows what can happen?

I am sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to let you all know what this video means to me. And the strange path to getting to it. It has been a life changing experience and I am grateful that I was given the opportunity.

(update 2/4/08) A couple of other quick notes, I usually release my video’s under a Creative Commons licence NC-SA but this one is NC ND since it is more or less a PSA. This video will also be at my other site http://www.heathparks.com/

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10 Comments on “We Belong to Each Other
  1. that’s weird B….It’s working fine for me, do you have the latest quicktime installed? The flash version should be working now as well

  2. A superb job indeed. Brilliantly done. I feel sure this will lead to great things for you.

    Terribly sad content. You really conveyed the anguish and pain from such loss, but also the humanity and hope for better things.

    So big claps to you. A very impressive debut.

  3. very well done Heath. You told the story well. And I liked the choice of music you used for the score…

    couple of tips, first, for MissB, you need to let the whole movie download and it will play. Heath, when you encode a movie, especially one of this size, be sure to use Fast Start – Compressed Header. This will make sure the movie is a progressive download. otherwise the entire clip has to download before it starts playing.

    Second, take a look at TV shows, particularly news, and see how they treat their lower thirds. Try to add some graphic treatment to your next video, to really add some polish. Clients love it and it looks like it cost a bunch more (which means you can up your rates 🙂 ).

  4. Yea, this fast start is bugging me, I thought I had it fixed, but I don’t, In Vegas it’s not giving me an option for that, so I am going to have to look at some things. Also MadMac66 when you say how the networks or news treat the “lower thirds” what do you mean by that? Still learning, I am.. 😉

  5. Wow. Have been working with the idea of violence lately myself – coming out of the closet with it, actually.

    This gives me hope that folks are really getting down to the nitty-gritty of its roots in the culture, community and family.

    A brilliant debut, as has been said here before.

    Here’s where I’m debuting my work: Grassroots Depression Strategies

    More difficult than anything I’ve ever done.

  6. Hey Heath, sorry, yeah, lower thirds. Thats what the networks and broadcast designers call the graphic bar that typically runs across the bottom of the screen to announce or label what is going on. They are not visibly a third of the screen, but back in the day when TV sets had huge overscan areas, the graphic would take up close to a third of the uncropped screen. And by uncropped i mean the action/title safe area. Vegas should give you an overlay of these, all NLEs do.

    So when you see CNN or (god forbid) FOX news doing a segment on a story, a graphic will typically animate on and the persons name, or the title of the story will appear over this graphic. It adds visual interest and sets the info apart from the video. You’ll see them everywhere now you are aware of them. They have gotten increasingly more elaborate lately too. More interesting than the video, distracting.

    Hope this helps, and I didn’t blab on forever. For what its worth, if you are graphically challenged, Digital Juice makes all kinds of pre made lower third kits that are awesome, and cheap.

  7. You did such a good job on this. The most important thing to me is letting people talk. I was really interested to hear what people were saying. Made me realize how rare it is that people can process violence in a healthy manner.

    (yeah, “faststart” should be default when encoding quicktime. maybe it’s a Vegas thing?)

  8. Heath, i finally got to see this tonight! You did a wonderful job. You edited the interviews together excellently. They felt less like interviews and more like listening in on an intimate conversation.

    Well, done, man. You SHOULD be proud!

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