The Batman Geek: Epidsode IV, A New Hope

Well here it is everyone, my new “Batman Geek” site. It’s been a while in the making and in just a minute I will explain all the reasons, thoughts, tips and tricks on the big switch. Um…minute’s up, so here goes.

As most of you know, I started vlogging in December of 2005, at that time I found this great place called Freevlog. And they showed me everything I needed to know to get my vlog up and running. And I would like to thank Michael and Ryanne personaly for taking the time to create such a site and to help show the world this little thing we call vlogging. Well as I was new to a lot of this, much like others, I decieded to host my vlog on Blogger. And for what I was doing then, it was perfect, easy, simple and pretty straight forward. I didn’t need to know, HTML, (well just a very, very, very small amount, which they walked you through), CSS, style sheets, code, heck anything. It was “put this here, that there” and away you go. Add to that Blip and Freevlog’s pop up video thingy and I was good to go. For a while….

Then I noticed people started really talking about WordPress, yes it had been around for a while but I began to hear people talking about WordPress and this thing called Vpip. They were talking about how your video could play in your page “in place”. I thought “cool” but I am OK with Blogger and Freevlog”. But as more and more functionality became availible not only with Vpip but with WordPress and this new thing called “Show in a Box”. It started to pique my intrest. What Show in a Box is trying to do:

We are a volunteer army of videobloggers who want to make our videoblogs look really good and are seeking sustainability. Everything here is open source and ready to be tweaked. WordPress (WP) is a fantastic, free and open source, blogging tool that we’ve hacked to make more suited for video. is not a service or business- We want to help bloggers, filmmakers, video artists, and documentarians present their videos in the best light with the most control. You make great videos, so why not have an awesome website without having to pay someone a lot of money or know how to code yourself? We aim for a decentralized network of videoblogs where you can still host your videos anywhere (like, Vimeo or Dailymotion ) but your site and its information remain your own.”

Sounds cool doesn’t it? Well I decieded I wanted in on that and that I wanted to help too. So, I decieded that it was time for me to move my vlog from Blogger to WordPress. Now you have to understand this was/is not an easy thing for me to do. I don’t like change a whole lot unless I am in control of that change. Well with something like this, you are not always in complete control. Moving a “Blog” is pretty easy and straightforward. Moving a “Vlog”, with over 2 years of video data….well that was/is a bit trickier. I experienced quite a bit of highs and lows moving my vlog to WordPress and there were days when I was ready to give up. But…..and this is a big but….I want to make video, I want to be able to make money at video and I want to be able to help other people with this thing we call vlogging.

So that is why I moved, well that and you do have a lot more control over your site/blog in WordPress than you do in Blogger. In my next post I will talk about all the things I learned in switching my vlog, I already have one screen cast done and plan on making at least one more (I think) but I documented a lot of things that I hope will help the next person who wants to make the switch. I would also like to thank Cheryl Colan, David Meade, Michael Verdi, Adam Warner and Jay Dedman. They were a big help in getting the site up and running, Cheryl was a God send, skyping back and forth, teaching me and creating the two custom banners for my site. (I hope to have more!)

So check out the site, let me know if something’s not working right and thanks for visiting! Vlog on baby!

Ipod, Quicktime and Windows

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on “The Batman Geek: Epidsode IV, A New Hope
11 Comments on “The Batman Geek: Epidsode IV, A New Hope
  1. It’s true. I do feel the universe shifting slightly. I mean, A Lot.

    Welcome to WordPress, buddy. You’ll never look back.

    All those people, helping you out. Good friends we have out there.

    But good work! It looks great.

    PS With the beady eye of the consummate narcissist, I saw a thumbnail of me in the tiny screencast shot of the Vids I Like screen, so I’m going to go there now and check it out.

  2. Grats on the new layout! Very nice! I’ve been looking at Show in a Box, so it’s nice to see how you’ve worked with it. Keep up the great work on the vids too, always too funny! Take care,

  3. Please e-mail me and show me how you did it, I have been out of the loop for so long and if you can do it, I guess I could get my head round it too. I tried WordPress in the early days and to be fair my blogger site is a little clunky. By the way great vid, I still look in from time to time but never comment, it’s my own fault, I go from extreme to extreme most of the time and am just getting better after my 19th nervous breakdown and rearing to go. Please friend, I will need your help.

  4. Wow! You are the man, and this is the place. Looks absolutely fantastic. A brilliant home for a brilliant Batman Geek. Oh, and pretty humbled that anything of mine should make the Vids I Like page. A big humble thank you to you. And so…

    …to infinity and beyond. : )

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