What a bargin!

We are on vacation, we are traveling east on route 50. This is where we almost stayed our first day….hey it was cheap and the pictures on the internet looked good!

Ipod, Quicktime and Windows

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on “What a bargin!
7 Comments on “What a bargin!
  1. You should have had the music from “National Lampoon’s Vacation” playing over that, that place looks like it would have been a nice place to stay 20 years ago maybe.

  2. Heath, dude, you crack me up man. You’re a comic genius. In fact the pair of you are a great act.

    Reminds me of a place I stayed in Fort Klamath, Oregon. Made reservation from one of those LetsGo books. What a mistake. Fort Klamath is back back back woods scary redneck hell. The room lilted so all the blood rushed to our head when we layed down. Took a walk through the local graveyard, and got EATEN ALIVE by the swarming masses of mosquitos….Po. Dunk.

    Hope you guys got out safely…

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