I found this footage sitting on one of my backup hard drives…..as the title states, this is from 02/01/2003, I am using an old Kodak digital camera…it was 3.1 mp….hey at the time that was a big deal……well it shot really crappy video as well, but I used it for video A LOT…..I have a bunch of footage like this sitting around….most of it’s soooo bad…..but this one was kinda fun, so I thought I would share…..

Day 15 of VloMo08

Mp4 and Quicktime

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on “02-01-2003
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  1. Ha ha! That rocks.

    You know what’s super weird? I have those same Peanuts sheets. Well, I had them when I was a kid, until I was a teenager. I think they finally got so worn we had to pitch them out or turn them into rags. They were my favorite. Especially Snoopy.

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