3 years of Vlogging

Today is my 3 year anniversary of video blogging…..it’s weird, in some ways it does not feel like it’s been 3 years since I started doing this and in other ways I feel like I have been doing this all my life.

It’s been a wild ride these last 3 years, I made some short films, tried to get on a reality TV show, traveled to California, twice….met some great people and lived my life to the best of my ability.

As I was making this video today, it occurred to me, so many of us vloggers wonder “why” we do this….why do we put so much effort into this? I mean it can be so time consuming and people can be jerks, so why do all this? For me….it’s the journey. My gains have far outweighed the negative. I can honestly say that vlogging has changed my life…..how can a life changing event not be worth it?

I would like to thank a whole lot of people for taking the time to get to know me and comment and stick around. If I forget anyone I apologize, I have been sick for a week now, and when I started doing this vlog today I felt pretty good, but as I sit here and type all this….well, I am feeling pretty beat…so I am going to thank everyone by memory…and if I forget to mention you and I remember later, I will just add your name to the list! 😉

So, I would like to thank, my wife, for putting up with all this..Bekah, David Meade, Jay and Ryanne, Verdi, Bill Streeter, Mike Moon, Eric, Susan, Cheryl, Rupert, Robert Croma, Clintus, Adam, Paul, Krystian, Irina, Gena, Dennis, Rob, JP, Jaime, Scott, Schlomo and a whole slew of other people I am sure I am forgetting at the moment…Thanks for visiting, thanks for sharing and thanks for being you…..

To the continued journey…..

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on “3 years of Vlogging
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  1. Congratulations! Major props for doing the work in good times and bad. Hugs to Glenna cuz she is indeed a trooper, Galaxy class.

    The adventure continues….

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