So Beautiful to Me…..

First off, I know it’s sappy….I don’t care….it’s how I feel.. 😉

I have never had a baby….OK, I know that as a man, I “can’t” have a baby, but what I mean is this. Jimmy and Marie where 6 and 4 when I married Glenna, so I missed all of the baby stuff. The pooping, the teething, the terrible 2’s, etc… And on one hand that was sorta cool…..Glenna couldn’t have anymore kids and I knew that, and I was cool with that. I mean I have 2 great kids who love me, so what more could I need…(and in case anyone is wondering, I may not be their biological father, but make no mistake, they are my kids….)

So seeing Jaymisen being born…..I didn’t know what I would feel, I mean I knew I would feel love…but as I like to say “I don’t know nothing bout birthing no babies!”….well….as I drove home tonight….I just started balling, crying like a little kid….(I’m tearing up just writing this) I was just so overcome with joy and happiness…I didn’t want to leave the hospital, only one person could stay and Marie wanted mom….I tried not to take it personal 😉 But I just want to hold him and love on him and give him kisses. I want to take him fishing, I want to play catch, I want to make silly movies with him….I love him so much…..he is just……so beautiful to me…I wish my grandpa was still alive, I just want to show him off to everyone.

I am sure this is how other grandparents feel….but it’s new to me…and I apologize in advance to Jaymisen and you all out there, cause you are going to see him quite a bit….I can’t wait for his first Halloween…..I wonder what he will go as?………. 😉

Ipod, Iphone, Zune and just about anything else

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on “So Beautiful to Me…..
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  1. Ah, special indeed. And oh so beautiful. Welcome to the big world Jaymisen Konner (fabulous name). And congratulations to Heath and Glenna – grandparents extraordinaire! 🙂

  2. Brilliant news Heath!

    It’s now nearly 12 years since my first child was born and I still remember the incredible euphoria of realizing that this is a whole new human being who simply did not exist before.

    You have given me hope that I might get to experience that again as a grandparent some day!

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