We closed on the house a week ago today…and except for Tuesday and Wed, because Glenna and I had to be at work, we have done nothing but move and paint. I want to get all the painting done before we move everything in because, well it’s easier…But we have also had to babysit so everything is taking 3 times as long as it should. If not for our friends Eddie and Shari and our son, I know we would not even be close to done yet….right now, I have one room left to do and I have to add a coat to the kitchen and my “Bat room”. And Jimmy should finish the trim work tomorrow, so I am hoping some time early next week we can actually spend the night in our new home.

We have till the end of June to vacate our apt which is good, but we have to paint (primer) a couple of walls and do some carpet cleaning and some touch up at the apt too…I am just so beat, you would not believe it….but hopefully it will all be worth it once the house is done and we can start settling in…

Anyway enjoy this small bit of life from Heath and Glenna and friend and family..

Ipod, Iphone, Zune and just about anything else

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on “Vacation?
5 Comments on “Vacation?
  1. I bet you’re tired, but the place looks great. Such a transformation from when we walked through it all framed up. It’ll all be worth it in a month when you’re sitting pretty in your new home. Congrats! Great job.

  2. Painting before you move is the way to go. Our closing was delayed a few weeks and we had to move in over a weekend. Now, 6 years later there are many rooms that we never got around to painting.

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