Baby Break

This past Friday was one of the worst days I have had at a job in a loooooonnnnggg time. I spent the whole weekend in a funk because of what happened. On top of the bad day at work, my daughter moved out (we knew she was going to and in all honesty it’s probably for the best, but….I miss my little buddy), a crack appeared in our dining room window out of no where, etc, etc….Today wasn’t a whole lot better, just lots of things going one, life…. you know?

Anyway, as I was cleaning in the kitchen tonight, I just thought of my grandson and I remembered this video I shot the other day, so I played it and it made me smile, it made me a little sad to, because I wish he was here but we get him this whole weekend so I am sure by Sunday I will be ready for his mom to take him back home 😉

You know I have been doing a lot of thinking these past 4 months. As I have held my grandson….just looked at him, played with him…..I am reminded of how precious life is and how we all to often take it all for granted. I think of my own children, the good times, the bad times and I realize how much I love my family, jobs may come and go, life may suck sometimes but I have a wonderful wife, 2 great kids and the most beautiful grandson in the world (I biased, sue me) if that is all I ever have, it should be enough, shouldn’t it?

Do me a favor, hug someone you care for after watching this and tell them you love them….life is to short and tomorrow may not come…..

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on “Baby Break
2 Comments on “Baby Break
  1. Yay! (for the cute one)
    Boo! (for the crap stuff)
    Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time at work.
    But yes. This is a million times more important than all the bullshit games and politics and ultimate pointlessness of everything we do at the office.
    Two things to cheer you up, apart from your amazing grandson:

  2. You know I re watched your rant video and I re-read all the comments and I came to my comments….and I realized that nothing has changed at all for me in almost 2 years, probably longer…still bitching, still moaning, still a huge chicken shit…maybe it’s time I finally put up or just shut up…..

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