Baby Talk

I have always wondered what if babies could talk…..I mean ever before Jaymisen, I would look at these little babies and wonder “what the heck are they thinking right now”. I’m not sure why but I swear I think it’s because deep down, I think they can completely understand us and and talk they just choose to ignore us and make us adults look stupid… 😉

Now that I have a grandbaby, I am just so tripped out by his looks, for example whenever I blow on his belly, ever other baby I have know, just laughs and giggles. This kid, just looks at me like…”OK….what are you doing?” It’s just so funny…So I often add my own dialogue for the baby, as I am sure that I am so in tune, what I think he is saying is what he really IS saying….

Anyway, enjoy this small bit of fun and oh, by the way, I shot this on my Kodak zi8. I just bought it last week and I like it, I actually shot this on the WVGA mode, which is 848 x 480, which is pretty cool and does a pretty decent job…

Oh and NaVloPoMo is starting up again, I may try to shoot a video a day, we will see…..

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