It’s day 4 of NaVloPoMo and it’s also day 4 of the NaVloPoMo vlogging game, 30 vlogger 30 days. Or is it 30 days 30 vloggers. Or is it something else completely? Shrug. Anyway yesterday Dennis made a post, the day before that it was Rupert and the day before that it was Adrian. Each video builds on the previous video in some way in some form. Tomorrow Verdi will do a video built in some way on mine today and so on and so on.

I have to say I like this video, it was actually my second choice but I think I like this more than my orginal idea. Every once in a while I like to show you all that I can do more than just create goofy, funny, talking head, baby video’s. Nothing wrong with any of those mind you, I enjoy those as well…but it feels good sometimes to go outside of my self imposed box and do something different.

The music is the Greatest Story Every Told

The poem is of course by Walt Whitman

Ipod, Iphone, Zune and just about anything else

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  1. Good stuff, Heath. As a “talking head” videoblogger myself, seeing that video gives me hope that I’ll be able to do something like that one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. loved it! the eyes, the overlapping eyes. and the city through the eyes, mind outside your brain. was having these conversations in another class I’m doing atm so this worked in well

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