Magic Eight Ball!!

I’m back!!!!!!……..OK I was going to show everyone my vlog about opening night but………..I had this inspired bit of nonsense, I will post my opening night vlog later this week, (it went well) but I just had to post this first. This is just pure silliness but it was just so much fun! I hope you all enjoy it!!! The music is “Afternoon Delight” by the Starland Vocal Band.

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on “Magic Eight Ball!!
6 Comments on “Magic Eight Ball!!
  1. I have never seen a magic 8 ball have so many positive answers in a row! The answers all were in your favor too! *wink*

    I often compliment posts by saying great but I didn’t want you to feel like this was just another comment or that your post was less than completely awesome so…DY-NA-MIIITE!

    Evan (

  2. That was great man! This was the first post that literally made me laugh out loud. I especially enjoyed Maries cameo. And the Vlog for food was priceless.

    Keep up the awesome posts!

  3. I loved seeing your home (enormous compared to the Manhattan shoebox I cram myself into). I was impressed by the editing between the 8-ball and each question. The post gave me a nice Incredibles goodfeel.

  4. Gotta love that 8-Ball. The source of all wisdom!

    (it takes 137 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop, by the way)

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