Dancing Machine

It’s the day after Christmas and here is a little bit of life….it’s funny… I was,… well I guess I still am going to link to a post Verdi made called “The Yang of Vlogging“…I linked to it because I was going to say, “Yes, I know I am shirtless and yes, I know I have man boobs, but at least you didn’t see my Youhoo” And then you would have went to Verdi’s site and saw the video. But it’s not there (not that it’s a big deal, I have never seen it though, but again besides the point) The point, I guess, is just that I can do whatever I want….well mostly….

You know, I don’t have a freakin clue what I am trying to say here, so I will just shut up now..


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on “Dancing Machine
One Comment on “Dancing Machine

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