Geek day out, or in, whatever, just some geeks having fun…….. ;)

In the begining God created the heavens and the earth, then man, then woman, then came his greatest creation……….geeks……..and he said “It is good”……….OK, probably not, but then again who knows? Anyway have you ever wondered what “real” geeks do when they get together? Oh, c’mon on you know you have……’s harmless, really. Oh, and ladies contain yourself, I know it will be hard 😉

By the way all the art in this post (well most of it) was drawn by my good friend, Eddie. He is a fantastic artist, at least I think so. Check out his link if you want to get a better look at some of his artwork.

Also, I know I said in my last post I was going to show me and my friends celebrating the last perfomance of my play……..I was all set but the eatery was pretty dark and I could not figure out my “night” mode, so it wasn’t for lack of trying……..speaking of the play it is all over, 2 1/2 months worth of work over in about 4 hours of tearing down the set…..always a bittersweet moment, when it is all over. Well enough of my rambling enjoy the video.

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on “Geek day out, or in, whatever, just some geeks having fun…….. ;)
10 Comments on “Geek day out, or in, whatever, just some geeks having fun…….. ;)
  1. Yet another king in his castle, an artist-philospher in his desert oasis…He surely does treat his bounty well. And lo! Batman, a master of physics and gadgetry, he surely does stand out, costumed amongst horror monsters. Good tidings.

  2. Oh, yeah, man, geek OUT! I can’t wait to show my boyfriend this…he will flip when he sees all those KISS goodies. Thanks for the tour…what a talented guy!

  3. When I started watching this video I got freaked out at how long it looked but I kept watching and I’m glad I did. Great video! Those drawings are amazing. Best quote ever “You own Marvel?!” I think I got that right.

    Awesome post,
    Evan (

  4. Glad you liked it……..Yeah, I can’t beleive My DC main man bouught MARVEL!? Oh, the horror! Also I forgto to mention, the KISS mat and photo you saw were custom built by a local art shop…….I can’t wait to see the Universal mat and art it should be awsome!!

  5. Heath and Randy and I just had yet another “Geek Night”. What a blast! And we came up with what will surely be the next pop culture catch phrase…”You can’t handle the Frankenstein.”

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