My 1st "dangerous" vlog for Vlog week 2006

Daughter's room

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This week is video blogging week 2006 where we post a video a day for the whole week. And unlike some I am going to try and put up “new” stuff each day. Not archive footage I have but something I film that day…….Like I said I “hope” to do that I may put up something from the road trip my wife and I took this weekend but we will see……..I have a lot of footage I could post a video a day just on that stuff. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing, just what I needed. Anywho……enjoy the video Also to see what other cool videos there are check out the technorati tag makred “videoblogging2006” for all the vloggers who are participating….as well as here and here.

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on “My 1st "dangerous" vlog for Vlog week 2006
11 Comments on “My 1st "dangerous" vlog for Vlog week 2006
  1. Wow… that looks pretty darn dangerous! My bedroom doesn’t look like that right now, but it’s getting close to it… I tidied up a little before filming my segment for today (AND I filmed from above so that I could cut out the mundane white walls of my room!).

    Looking forward to seeing more dangerous vlog posts from you,

  2. A wonder you did not get stuck in there and had to be digged out. Wooow she will be so excited to see this video πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with the davids. had my father known what a camera was, and used it in my room—- oooo boy.

    quite dangerous! Good on ya!

  4. My son watched the video and when it was over he looked at me and said….”Marie is going to kill you”, then he smiled that little devious smile he has and laughed……Ah, the risks you take by being “dangerous” πŸ™‚

  5. There’s always “Lead By Example”. Maybe if you become an ascetic and Batman-free she’ll tidy up her bedroom.

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