My 2nd "Dangerous" vlog for vlog week 2006

2nd dangerous vlog

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I am begining to think that there IS something seriously wrong with me. But you know what? I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS!! OH YEAH!

Proceed at your own risk. You have been warned…..

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This video is part of videobloggingweek2006, check out the site. Also I will be including 2, random links each day of people who are taking part of vlog week 2006 so check them out here and here

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on “My 2nd "Dangerous" vlog for vlog week 2006
6 Comments on “My 2nd "Dangerous" vlog for vlog week 2006
  1. This was friggen crazy, i was laughing my but off. And then : “What did you do today” hahahaha I did not play with scissors hahaha.

  2. Brilliant! And thanks for leaving a comment on my second-day-vlog. Just the day before, I had seen your first. Man, that was brave. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

  3. That was great! Just wait though because I WILL DO THE MOST DANGEROUS THING EVER!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!1!!11!!! (Does it ruin the joke if I add too many ones?) I just hope I have time to film what I want to before I take off for regional orchastra competition.

    Fantabulastic post,
    Evan (

  4. I kept waiting for one of my neigbhors to come out of the house and go “wtf” is going on with you…..but then again they all know I drive a car that has “Batman 7” on it……

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